Valley Pike Farm Market

The official grand opening of the Valley Pike Farm Market was September 3rd, 2016, but it was open  for shakedown a few weeks earlier. It is a tremendous addition to the Weyers Cave Community and the I-81 corridor. It’s a great place to take your friends from out of town! You can grab a quick salad or sandwich, either already made or at the Deli, have a full meal if the BBQ truck is available, relax with coffee, tea, wine, or beer, or enjoy ice cream and chocolate. There are bulk foods as well. Along the back of the rebuilt 1800s barn is a HUGE porch overlooking the valley and Appalachians in the distance.

This is a must-see for the Massanutten visitors looking for a quiet afternoon. It’s about half an hour’s drive, through scenic roads.

It is less than a mile off of I-81 and a nice little stop to break up a trip.

The address is 3494 Lee Highway, Weyers Cave VA 24486 and the hours are 6 am to 9 pm every day of the week.

Front Facade of Valley Pike Farm Market
Front Facade of Valley Pike Farm Market
back porch of Valley Pike Farm Market
back porch of Valley Pike Farm Market
Boar's Head Deli at Valley Pike Farm Market
Boar’s Head Deli at Valley Pike Farm Market

Chocolates and sweets

Chocolates and sweets


Weyers Cave Community Website

Weyers Cave is located in the center part of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, on the I-81 corridor which was the old Indian trail up and down the Valley. A spur came off the trail over to present day Grottoes, where there were caves in the mountains. Although Bernard Weyer was credited with finding the caves, he found them in what was known as “Cave Hill”, so the presence of caves in the hill was previously known.

Today, there are approximately 1000 houses in Weyers Cave. The town, which has no formal government of its own, is approximately fifteen minutes from Staunton VA, fifteen minutes from Harrisonburg VA, and about half an hour from Waynesboro VA. It is located within Augusta County and has its own Post Office. It is on the border of the County with Rockingham County.

In addition to the Post Office and Fire Department, there is Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport and Blue Ridge Community College, United Bank, Carter Bank, Super Save Grocery Store, Carilion Health Clinic, Augusta Medical Center Emergency Health Clinic, Maple Lane Veterinary Clinic, Tim Wade Dentist, Rocky’s, Christopher Williams Jewelers, Houff Trucking, IDM Trucking, a Pepsi Plant, three gas stations, and several other large industries. More about the businesses located in Weyers Cave as well a their contact information are given on another page of this website.

One of the main industries, though, is farming. There are many dairy and beef cattle farms, as well as chicken and turkey farms in the area. You will be more likely to see a cow in the road than a true traffic jam in Weyers Cave!

The purpose of this page is to have a go-to place for local residents to get information quickly about the happenings, and those further away to see what is available! It is truly a wonderful place to live as well as to visit.


Although there are private companies that take your trash to the landfill, most of the Weyers Cave residents just take it there themselves. The closest one to most Weyers Cave residents is in Mt Sidney, at the intersection of Route 11 and Route 696. It is open from 7 am to 5:30 pm in the winter, and during Daylight Savings Time is open until 6:30 pm. For more information, here is the link to the Augusta County website for Recycling Locations. 

Used but fixable computers and other electronics can be dropped off at Equipping the Saints.  

Where to Eat

If you have a craving for food, of course you can shop at Super Save or the Dollar Store or a gas station.  Super Save has a wonderful lunch/dinner take-out counter. The Sheetz on Route 11 has been wonderful to have locally. But the two places you might not think of are the airport, where you can enjoy watching the planes come in and out, or Karis in Mt. Sidney for a nice homemade meal on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for $5. Karis also has some wonderful desserts and herb teas.  It’s a nice cafe to meet for a ladies’ day out!

The latest and greatest addition to the Weyers Cave Cuisine Scene is the Valley Pike BBQ food truck near the corner of Route 11 and Fadley Road. They are open 11-6 each day (or until sold out) and have a wonderful, tasty selection BBQ meals at good prices.

The Weyers Cave Bus

Yes, there IS a bus that comes to Weyers Cave. In fact, there are two. One goes north to JMU and swings by Dayton and Bridgewater and then back to the stop at Blue Ridge Community College. The other goes south to Staunton and you can transfer on it to get to Waynesboro. The good news is that it is only fifty cents, and free if you are students or faculty. The bad news is that in order to park near the only bus stop in Weyers Cave, you must have a student or faculty sticker from Blue Ridge on your car. (No kidding!) But you can park in front of the Criminal Justice Center and hike over to the bus stop. It’s about a quarter of a mile.

The bus drivers are super and let you out anywhere along the route, and will even pick you up at a different place along the route if you call ahead. Buses leave every hour on the hour starting at 7 am and the last bus leaves BRCC at 8 pm Monday through Thursday. If there is someone at Blue Ridge that needs the bus at 9 pm, it will make another run!  (The busdriver eats from 7 to 8 pm, so no bus service then.)  Friday buses leave BRCC from 7 am to 5 pm and no bus service on Saturday or Sunday. PLEASE CALL CATS Mountain Bus Service at 800-305-0077 to check out these times and service before you ride. 

Is There a Cave in Weyers Cave?

The not-really-all-knowing webmistress understands that the answer is “no”, although there are almost certainly some very small ones around. The reason the town is named Weyers Cave is because Grand Caverns in Grottoes were formerly called Weyers Caves after Bernard Weyer who is crediting with first finding them. Even this is a bit wrong, since he found them in a place known as “Cave Hill.” So they knew there were caves in the hill before his “discovery.”

That’s another question.

These were grand and glorious caverns, with an organ and ballroom, and the closest train stop for visitors to the caverns was seven miles away — in what is now Weyers Cave. The conductor would call out “Weyers Cave” at the small train stop and that is how it got its name.

I’d LOVE to be proven wrong. Does anyone around know of any Caves in Weyers Cave??? 

Meet the Webmistress

I am Debbie, a “real person” who lives in Weyers Cave. My nickname is the “Computer Bee.” I am the Webmistress of  I am doing this to bring the community together and keep people informed of what is happening in Weyers Cave.
I personally recommend the people and businesses on this site. If you have problems with a business that can’t be resolved, let me know. If I can’t resolve it either, I will remove them from the Hive and notify the other Worker Bees. I will not have someone here I don’t have confidence in.

If you are a local organization such as a church, business, school, or civic club, give me your information and I will link to you.  If you live or work near Weyers Cave, and don’t have competition in Weyers Cave, I will list you as well.

I need news about lost dogs or escaped cows. Church plays and bazaars. Chicken barbecues. Fundraisers for your kids? Bear sightings? Seen a coyote or bear lately?  Let me know and I’ll get it out.

Thanks for making this the best community website in Weyers Cave!