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Is There a Cave in Weyers Cave?

The not-really-all-knowing webmistress¬†understands that the answer is “no”, although there are almost certainly some very small ones around. The reason the town is named Weyers Cave is because Grand Caverns in Grottoes were formerly called Weyers Caves after Bernard Weyer who is crediting with first finding them. Even this is a bit wrong, since he found them in a place known as “Cave Hill.” So they knew there were caves in the hill before his “discovery.”

That’s another question.

These were grand and glorious caverns, with an organ and ballroom, and the closest train stop for visitors to the caverns was seven miles away — in what is now Weyers Cave. The conductor would call out “Weyers Cave” at the small train stop and that is how it got its name.

I’d LOVE to be proven wrong. Does anyone around know of any Caves in Weyers Cave???¬†